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Tegenkracht is a foundation which aims to make sport more accessible for (former) cancer patients. Tegenkracht believes sport needs to be intergrated into treatments for cancer. Therefore Tegenkracht offers Het Sportplan, sport-medical guidance of 6 months. To provide every cancer patient the possibility to rehabilitate in a sportive manner, Tegenkracht collaborates with 37°Celsius to strengthen their brand positioning. Together with 37°Celsius, who conducted ProBAR® analyses to map the associative network of the Dutch public as well as the supporters of Tegenkracht, Tegenkracht determined her current brand positioning relative to competitors Alpe d’Huzes and Herstel & Balans.
Based on the insights derived from ProBAR®, 37°Celsius consulted on how to strategically move towards the desired brand positioning, by among other things increase their brand awareness, and to communicate potentially effective brand values more promptly. Most recently, a marketingplan has been written to assist Tegenkracht with their marketingpolicy towards their desired brand positioning.