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SRA is the organization for accountants that aims at service to SME’s. Small and medium sized accounting firms, aiming at entrepreneurs are members of SRA. The market for accountants is currently in a period of change, due to the financial crisis, and changed legislation. SRA has the ambition to monitor and improve its service at all times, and to aim directly at entrepreneurs itself.  SRA asked 37ºCelsius to help position the brand towards different stakeholders.

First, 37ºCelsius developed propositions for their most important product-market combinations. Also, we elicited their brand image via ProBAR. We also analyzed if existing brand values contribute to the transition to the desired position. Also the contribution of their individual products to their brand image was analyzed.

One of the main conclusions of the research was that there was a different image between members of SRA, based on the size of the different firms. For this reason, a segmented approach was designed in order to offer the proposition with the most value to each individual firm. Smaller firms, were more satisfied with SRA, and found the brand more unique. For midsized companies, the diferential of SRA was less clear. In-depth interviews with partners within this middle section indicated points of improvement.