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Le Champion

Le Champion organizes more than eighty cycling- running and hiking events. The organization aims the become the most renowned and loved sports organization of The Netherlands. Le Champion faces more and more competition from commercial organizations wanting a slice of pie of the Dutch sports events market. Therefore Le Champion has asked 37°Celsius brand consultancy to support her in researching its current brand image of Le Champion brand and four of its most prominent sports events, ensuring that more participants become a member and stay for a longer period of time. With this membership base, Le Champion can strengthen its organization and become even more professional, without losing its sociable character of a sports association. Although Le Champion has grown impressively largely driven by intuition, Le Champion is curious to learn from what their (previous) participants and members have to say. ProBAR® showed that Le Champion has a hugely positive brand image and that the best way to increase brand equity would be to raise awareness. Since Le Champion is organizing eighty sports events, the short cut to this would be to make a much stronger connection between these brands and Le Champion. Of course ProBAR® gives much more tools to improve brand performance, which Le Champion has started to use. Don’t hesitate to join an event go and check for yourself.