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The L’Oréal Group annually organizes their international branding business case competition. Students from top-universities worldwide can participate and develop a branding strategy for a brand. In the Brandstorm of 2015, students received a business case on the brand Lancôme.

Lancôme is a luxury cosmetics brand with a world-wide customer base. The main goal of the case was to develop a strategy for Lancôme upon entering the travel retail market on international airports. With the use of ProBAR®, 37°Celsius analysed competing brands, as well as Lancôme’s brand position, and potential brand extensions of Lancôme amongst others. One of the key findings was that French Elegance, which is a core value in the positioning of Lancôme was more strongly connected to Chanel than to Lancôme. Activating this value ironically strengthened the position of their core competitor more than that of Lancôme.