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Jorge Labadie (1965) gained his master’s in business economics from the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands in 1992, where he specialized in external organization, information systems and marketing (services, retail and non-profit). In 2009 he gained his Master Brand Management (MBM) from the prestigious Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Jorge’s additional qualifications include a diploma in Consultancy in behavioral change, from plimenten.com and Managing Professionals from Schouten & Nelissen University.
Jorge Labadie


He gains further inspiration from working with talented individuals on innovative projects optimizing results in a marketing, branding and business context.   


Jorge began his career by setting up one of the first marketing departments at a Dutch health insurance company, ZAO Zorgverzekeringen. He then joined the Oxfam/Novib charity in The Hague before moving to Foster Parents Plan in Amsterdam, where he worked on major fundraising campaigns and introduced direct marketing and data warehousing. In 1998 he set up the brand consultancy agency, 37°Celsius. Through 37°Celsius, Jorge works with numerous companies and organizations, from healthcare institutions to beer brands, from charities to the tobacco industry. With all the projects, the challenge is to come up with new and improved ways to generate better results. Read more about some of Jorge’s success stories. Jorge also enjoys sharing this expertise and experience, for example as a lecturer and trainer at the University of Amsterdam, where he has been giving regular guest lectures since 2009. Jorge is also a member of the advisory board of the Executive MBA. Find out more about our ties to education.   

And when he’s not working...

   Jorge is a sporting fanatic and enjoys cycling in particular. He cycles for charity, including the famous AlpeDuZes mountain. This and Jorge’s other cycling exploits can be found on www.sticktotheplan.nl. He is also a board member of Tegenkracht, a sports and medical charity that supports people with cancer.