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About Imre…

Born in Amsterdam in 1993, and raised just outside of Amsterdam. After considering a long list of possible careers, from cook to lawyer, I started to study Psychology in 2011 at the University of Amsterdam. Right from the start I was fascinated by all the insights I obtained from this study, however I knew I never would be a psychologist as a profession. In the end, through Labour- & Organisational Psychology, I found a connection with the business sector, where I found my own way, especially within the Master’s programme. Particularly creativity interested me, which I chose as a topic for my bachelor- and masterthesis. Additionally, I discovered a passion within the Business Administration Master Programme. By choosing the direction of Entrepeneurship & Innovation, I found important motivations for the rest of my life.
Such as setting up my own company, including several other business ideas for future ventures. By making this turn in interests I also learned to view things from a entrepeneur-perspective. I followed the branding course of Jorge and Roger and this inspired me to create a strong brand for my own company. As a matter of fact, almost all strategic decisions concerning brand elements (e.g. logo, slogan, brand name) are being made in the startup-phase of a company. I wondered why this course isn’t available for startups, since branding provides many opportunities for the development of startups and their potential success. With these insights in mind I approached 37°Celsius, and as enthusiastic they are, we immediately started to develop the concept. Thus I will mainly focus on this concept as the Business Developer for Startups.

When I’m not working…

Other than work and my studies, I love to occupy myself with new business concepts. Furthermore, I like to spend time with friends, I’m “addicted” to watching series, I keep track of almost everything football-related (I am a fan of Ajax) and I go to the gym often. Above all, I love to go on vacation, especially to Indonesia, where I hope to settle one day.