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Eva van Ekdom 37°Celsius Brand Consultancy InternAbout Eva…

My name is Eva van Ekdom, 23 years old and born in Leiden. After achieving my VWO diploma, I moved to the south of the country to start at the Hotel Management School Maastricht. During these four amazing years, I learned a lot and got the opportunity to do a six-month internship in Barcelona. I completed my education with a marketing internship at Moët Hennessy the Netherlands. Here, I learned what marketing in practice really is and what the world of luxury brands contains. My passion for marketing grew bigger and bigger and soon after graduation I decided to start the pre-master program Business Administration at the University of Amsterdam. After successfully completing this program, I started a master in marketing in February 2016. Here I follow, among other things, the courses branding and online marketing. I expect to graduate end February 2017.

During the information session about thesis projects I directly became enthusiast by hearing the story from Jorge: a great opportunity to combine your thesis with an internship at 37°Celsius. Brand positioning always intrigued me, from the emergence of a brand to keeping up its current position. After the job interview I can proudly announce that I am an intern now and I am looking forward to gain a lot of experience in the world of brand consultancy. The knowledge I gain from my internship and the courses at the university can be applied to my thesis project. For me, it is a perfect combination of theory and practice!

When Eva does not work..

I really enjoy to cook, be surrounded by friends and family, to workout and to have long walks on the beach (and especially when the sun is shining!). Furthermore, I am a real music addict and I love to dance.