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Most of the branding related choices are taken in the startup phase of a company. And if these choices are made without the appropriate knowledge concerning brand related aspects (e.g. brand elements, and STP process) this could have detrimental effects on future expenditures and possibilities of the company. Because there is nothing more exciting than working with ambitious new venture owners, we join forces to coach and consult startups in their branding.

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37°Celsius brand consultancy offers several workshops and products, especially for startups.

  • 1-op-1 support and consult
  • Workshops brand positioning, strategically managing your brand elements, marketingcommunication and personal branding
  • Qualitative and en Quantitative brand research
  • And more…


Upcoming workshops branding for startups

In order to meet the rising demand for branding for startups 37ºCelsius organizes a special workshop ‘Branding for startups’ four times a year. The upcoming dates for these workshops are in the second week of April and Tuesday the 23rd of May. During these workshops you will work on your brand. We will talk about the most important concepts and theories, but also spend one-on-one time to work on your own branding (through several exercises). 

Startup Cases