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1. Brand Mission

Many brands and companies have difficulties creating an appealing mission and vision. Based on literature and our experience we help you define your brand mission and vision. 37°Celsius helps you answer the critical questions:
  • Why do we do what we do?
  • How do we see the future?

2. Brand Positioning

We help companies create a clear brand positioning document, that contains:
  • A mission & vision
  • Core values
  • Reasons to believe
  • Brand positioning statement
Contact us and find out more about our approach to positioning brands successfully.

3. Brand Building

37°Celsius understands how to create customer based brand equity using analysis and strategies for the primary brand elements such as name slogan and character and much more. Contact us and find out more about what’s important for building your brand.

4. Brand Leverage

Once we have established a strong brand, we then look at ways to leverage it further? This includes looking at aspects such as the core concepts, the brand architecture and brand extensions and alliances. Contact us and discover more about how we can leverage your brand.
4 step approach with products